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Social Services

Social Services

Our social services team is there for you!  They ensure that you get the best possible care, that your concerns are addressed, and that your fears are alleviated.  Our social services team bridges the gap between residents and their families, ensuring our residents continue to keep up with their physical needs outside of Alvarado Care Center. (Dr. appointments, discharge planning etc.)   Upon admission we’ll discuss any upcoming appointments, transportation needs and  discharge planning. Throughout your stay we will ensure that your post discharge plan is secure and safe so you may return back to your community.

We can arrange professional services for:





Care Conference Meetings

Enrollment in assistance programs

Discharge Planning (including placement)

Psychosocial and Psychiatric Evaluation

Arrange transportation to appointments

Advanced Healthcare Directives/Power of Attorney

Enrollment to Assisted Living Program

Mortuary Services

Resident Trust Accounts

Alvarado Care Center
Alvarado Care Center
Alvarado Care Center